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Spirit. Beach-life-. Rebel. Dreamer. Boho. Vintage. Joy. Happiness.

Vintage furniture. Gorgeous hand-crafted bags. Hand-painted tableware. Boho clothes and accessories. Organic tea. Hamam-beach-blankets. Dreamy-dream Catchers. Ultimate pillow-party. Summer-loving jewelry. Home decoration, and much more!

Mimar is this all; a perfect mix of women's fashion to home furniture, in a welcome environment where you will feel at home.

As Kiki is from Holland ( founder and creator of mimar ) she has her focus mostly on Dutch brands, but you will find special items from all over the world... as when she sees something that " gives her the love at first sight feeling", she can't resist to bring this into her shop ;-) .....but always the goal for brands and products that are not sold yet on Mallorca..... So when you see it somewhere else..... Kiki was 100 % FIRST.

To keep her clients and herself mimar always in change... Kiki updates her collection continuously, each time you visit mimar, you will be surprised!